The Dr. B.D.Acharya Prize in Graphs and Combinatorics is announced every year on the 17th of September. The prize recognizes seminal contribution in areas of Graph Theory and Combinatorics.


Nomination forms for next year are sent to the prize committee by end of November. Completed nomination forms must be uploaded by the end of March of next year.


Individuals who have completed their Ph.D. thesis in the previous 3 years (ending March of this year) can apply by uploading their thesis and the research papers which were considered for the award of the thesis.


The prize committee prepares a report considering the advice of experts in the relevant fields. This along with the list of preliminary candidates is submitted to the board. The board meets to choose the awardee by a majority vote. Their decision cannot be appealed. The decision is announced on 17-September, the birthday of Dr. B.D.Acharya, every year.