Dr. Belmannu Devadas Acharya (September 17, 1947 - June 18, 2013), F.N.A.Sc., F.Al.M.S. is a professor emeritus of graph theory from University of Mysore. He has contributed to Hypergraph Theory, Graph Theory and Combinatorics. 

His main original contributions have been in the theory of Domination in Graphs and Hypergraphs, Polar Configurations, Graphoidal Covers, Distance Convexity in Discrete Structures, Graph Labeling, Signed Graph and Digraph Theory, Social Network Analysis, Partition Graphs, Graph Spectra, Atmospheric Variability and Himalayan Glaciology.

Dr. Belmannu Devadas Acharya
(F.N.A.Sc., F.Al.M.S.)
Mathematician and Philosopher
17-Sep-1947 to 18-Jun-2013

Places of Residence
Udupi, Hulekal, Karwar, Belagavi, Bijapur, Bidar, Dharwad, Raichur, Mumbai, Allahabad, Delhi, Bangalore

Discrete Mathematics, Earth Sciences, Administration

Designations Held
Fertilizer Salesman, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Principal Scientific Officer, Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India, Director